Monday, March 19, 2012

Mr. Big

Well well well, I know how to pick them. Actually I don't, that's the problem. But I do seem to be attracted to the cockiest most confident man in the room. Which is my down fall because they are usually the biggest players. Yes, that's what I love, a player. I guess I like the challenge. The problem is that I am like 12 and 0. I'm losing the game. I'm good at card games and trivia games and even some board games (especially when I cheat ) But so far at this game I can't even figure out the rules, so how in the hell am I gonna cheat at the game? My latest "cowboy" is playing the game like a pro bull rider and messing with my head like a brain teaser from hell. For any of you Sex in the City watchers, he's my Mister Big! He always comes around right when I've finally gotten him out of my head and then he lures me back in. Just enough to keep me hanging on for a little while longer while he's out fishing for more unsuspecting fish to put into his pool. He's a cold hearted snake, a heart breaker, a cowboy cassanova and he's got my stupid naive little heart in his hands. Why do I let this happen :(

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cowboys or Aussies?

Well, I moved to Nashville Tennessee! You would think that I could find a cowboy here right? No! Leave it to me to find, instead of a ruggged cowboy, a sweet little Austrialian bloak :) His name is Mark and I was first taken in by his accent. We went to lunch and then spent more and more time together. He took me for a riverboat ride near Opryland and we went to a Taylor Swift concert his last night in town. He was so sweet and such a gentleman. But wow, I have decided that the austrailian language can make any manly turn seen a little less manly. For instance, Austrailian rules football, they call it "footy". Can you imagine a group of guys from the US using the word "footy" when talking about their precious, manly football? (arrrh arrhh guuurrr) Those are men football noises :) But in "footy" I would expect more of a (laa deee daaa deee traa laaa) Wouldn't you? ha ha. Next, they call cotton candy, Fairy Floss! Really? I said "why do you call it that?" his respond was "why do you call it cotton candy?" I said, "because it's candy and it looks like cotton." Simple enough. He on the other hand could not explain the name fairy floss? So now that he is home, back in Austrailia, I picture him sitting around watching footy eating fairy floss, it's fantastic ;) lol And so the search continues. . . .

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feast or Famine!!

So why is it always feast or famine? I either have nothing to do or everything going on all at once. I had a few weeks of hardly dating at all and then there was last week. Here we go!!

Monday: Fun filled night of Pizza and the Bachelor. Sorry men, Monday nights are reserved for
that. As much as I think it's kind of silly, I am so addicted to the Bachelor. It's like watching a train wreck!!! You just can't look away!

Tuesday: So tuesday was a Date with Tyler #1.

Wednesday: Wed. was a date with Kenny. He's a guy that my energy reader set me up with. lol Don't laugh. ha ha ha. She saw me in his energy and decided we needed to go out.

Thursday: Lunch with Tyler #2. No he's not in 2nd place. He's just #2 because I met the other Tyler first. Then that night I hung with Tyler #1 again.

Friday: I ventured out to the City and went out with Tyler#2. We doubled with my friend Kim and her hubby. I cheated at pool and it was a good time.

Saturday: Busy Busy day. So I went shopping with my aunt and cousins. Then I met up with Tyler #2 for a movie. Then I talked to Kenny. He was in the city too and wanted to try to meet up. My plan for Saturday night was to hang with my girls. So I told him I would try, but no promises. So I went to dinner with Corinne, and then we went over to a friends house to watch the UFC fights. It was kind of a small crowd, so we left to find another option. So I called Jeff ( Jeff is a guy that I met on an airplane and dated for a while. Now we are jsut friends) and we finished watching the fights with him and his friends and then we went and played some pool. ( I don't really like pool, but i'm pretty good at cheating at it :) Fun full of everyone.

This might sound fun, but the problem is that I don't like to juggle!!! I try to be honest with each and everyone of these guys and it usually ends up biting me in the butt!!!

and the search continues. . . .

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I need a Cowboy, you know a real John Wayne!

Ok, so basically i've started this blog so that I can vent about all my bad dating experiences. Oh how I have a lot of them!! To start out we will talk about my most recent date. We'll call him Dallin. (oh wait that's really his name, oh well ;) So he was my first Facebook date experience. We had some friends in common so he must have found me through them. We chatted a little and then he ask me out. I messaged one of our mutual friends and ask her to give me her take on Mr. Dallin. She said that she thought he was a really nice guy who had just gone through a divorce. So i figured i'd give it a chance.

So the date was set for thursday. He lives in a town about two hours from where I live, but I work out that way once a month, so it worked out. He told me that he had just gotten divorced, so for our first date maybe we could just get pizza, watch a movie, and get to know each other. Just really low key. Which was fine with me. I've been divorced, so I know how getting back in the dating scene can be a little awkward at first.

So I get to his house and I ring the doorbell and his little girl answers the door? I love kids, don't get me wrong, but It really pisses me off when single dad's let their kids meet each and every girl that they date. I think it is sooo confusing for those sweet little kids. I realized my last boyfriend was in basically two relationships when his little boy called me the other girls name and then realized what he'd done and ran out of the room filled with embarasment. It wasn't his fault, that poor kid :( Sorry, my brain was shuffling, back to the story. So I got to know my date's little girl. She climbed on my lap and showed me all her dolls and showed off for a little bit. Sad thing is, Dad's going to have to explain why I never came back. So then he also informs me that he just found out that his divorce isn't actually final yet? Ok, so do you want me to come back tomorrow? lol So despite all that, after he put his little one to bed, we actually had a pretty fun night. We ate pizza and watched The Social Network, which was a pretty suiting movie since we basically met on Facebook. We talked and flirted and got along really well. I though he was pretty cute. He kept telling me how pretty I was. ( Which really means jack to me since i think all men are full of shit!!!!) But it was still flattering. So then he proceeded to ask if I had any plans for Saturday. Yes I did, my plans were to go back home to Vernal. But in Vernal I have no social life and no potetial to really meet too many bloaks. So why not stay in town and get to know this guy a little more. I decided I would go out with him again. He walked me to my car and I went back to my brother's house which is where I stay when I'm in the city.

So the next day (friday) I get a text from Dallin saying that he just got the call that his divorce had gone through. Yay! Maybe our next date will feel a little more comfortable. So I text him back and told him I was happy for him. Then he text me and ask if I was ready for Saturday. I don't know what I really needed to do to prepare? Kind of a stupid question i thougth, but whatever. So I waited a little while to respond, as to not seem too anxious, and then I resonded " ya what's the plan?". I got no response from him. Which didn't worry me because at this point I honestly thought that he was a little more into me than I was into him. So I hear my phone receive a text in the middle of the night. I ignore it and fall back to sleep. I wake up in the morning to a text that had been sent at 3:40am. It read: "Hey I just got your text, I can't hangout tomorrow night. I'm so sorry! I already had a pervious engagment. so sorry! I hope your day went ok!! ;)" Ok first of all, if you're gonna ditch someone you don't say you had a pervious engagment. You say that something came up! He needs to get better at this. So I responded "previous engagment huh? lol well ok your loss." At this point in my life, I've dated a lot! So when I'm being ditched I'm not going to be all nice and sweet about it.

So that all goes down and I'm feeling a little confused. My thought is that he probably took another girl out on friday, she stayed until 3 or so, and they had so much fun that he ditched me to hang out with her again. Really, pace yourself buddy. There are a lot of fish in the sea. So my thoughts were confirmed when I got on Facebook later that day and on my Home page was a post from him that said" Had the most amazing night tonight!!!! " and he had posted it at 3:30. Ten minutes before he had ditched me. Wow i'm that good. I watch enough CSI that I'm pretty good at figuring these things out.;) ha ha. So underneath that post I commented "So is that when the previous engagment came up? lol" I really do think i'm so funny. ;) So he deleted my comment. I deleted him as a friend.

So the search continues. . . . . ..