Monday, March 19, 2012

Mr. Big

Well well well, I know how to pick them. Actually I don't, that's the problem. But I do seem to be attracted to the cockiest most confident man in the room. Which is my down fall because they are usually the biggest players. Yes, that's what I love, a player. I guess I like the challenge. The problem is that I am like 12 and 0. I'm losing the game. I'm good at card games and trivia games and even some board games (especially when I cheat ) But so far at this game I can't even figure out the rules, so how in the hell am I gonna cheat at the game? My latest "cowboy" is playing the game like a pro bull rider and messing with my head like a brain teaser from hell. For any of you Sex in the City watchers, he's my Mister Big! He always comes around right when I've finally gotten him out of my head and then he lures me back in. Just enough to keep me hanging on for a little while longer while he's out fishing for more unsuspecting fish to put into his pool. He's a cold hearted snake, a heart breaker, a cowboy cassanova and he's got my stupid naive little heart in his hands. Why do I let this happen :(

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